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A British captain has been stripped of his licence after attempting to berth a 722ft cargo ship while five times over the legal alcohol limit.

Anthony Michael Baker, 53, returned a breath test of 1,345 micrograms of alcohol per litre, far surpassing the New Zealand limit of 250.

Harbour staff noticed his 40,000-tonne ship, Shansi, experiencing problems as it docked in Marsden Point in northern New Zealand.

The drunken sailor was convicted and fined NZ$ 3,000 (£1,700) as well as being suspended by his employer.

Neil Rowarth, the regional manager for New Zealand’s maritime authority, said the punishment served as a “strong warning”.

“The master is legally responsible for their ship and all on board,” he said.

“A shipping accident can have tragic and widespread consequences… alcohol impairs judgement and increases the risk of accidents.”

Baker had been drinking before being called on duty as the Shansi ran into problems moving into the berth. He resumed drinking once the ship was docked, his lawyer said.

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