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Donald Trump has warned North Korea that if it “acts unwisely” the US military is “locked and loaded”.

Mr Trump tweeted that “military solutions are now fully in place”, adding: “Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!”

The US President’s warning came hours after China appealed to the US and North Korea “to be cautious with their words and actions” amid heightened nuclear tensions.

Donald Trump warns North Korea again over threats to the US and its allies Video: Trump promises ‘trouble’ if N Korea attacks

On Thursday, Mr Trump met with national security advisers to discuss Pyongyang’s threat to fire missiles towards the US territory of Guam.

In an address after the meeting, the President suggested his warning to hit North Korea with “fire and fury” may not have been tough enough.

In a subsequent attempt to ease tensions, defence secretary James Mattis told reporters that the US still prefers a diplomatic approach to easing tensions as a war would be “catastrophic”.

:: Why is North Korea threatening to strike Guam?

However, when asked whether America was prepared to respond if North Korea commits a hostile act, he replied: “We are ready.”

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Trump: US 'locked and loaded' on N Korea
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Trump: US 'locked and loaded' on N Korea