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Eyewitnesses have been speaking to Sky News about the catastrophic destruction Hurricane Irma has left in its wake.

Matthew Brown, a barrister living in the British Virgin Islands, was taken by helicopter to Puerto Rico.

He says he was “there during the entire thing”.

“The place was just like a war zone, like an episode of Walking Dead without zombies.

“There is not a single tree left on the island, the town has just been flattened.

Hurricane Irma hits the British Virgin Islands

Image: Hurricane Irma hits the British Virgin Islands

“Concrete buildings have just been blown away – it’s a real mess. People are really suffering.

“Most houses haven’t got roofs, our house lost windows.

“We went down to the laundry room because it had concrete walls and a solid door… but the wind meant the water was just pouring through the windows and pouring through the doors.

“But lots of people didn’t have basements or solid houses and they’re now homeless.”

With 185 mph (300 kph) winds, Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the open Atlantic.

The damage of Hurricane Irma in Philipsburg, on the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten Video: Special Report: Hurricane Irma’s Path Of Destruction

Eli Fuller, a volunteer rescuer in Antigua, told Sky News how he helped rescue people in Barbuda using boats.

“I went to Barbuda to try and bring people back to Antigua and also to deliver supplies. It looked like photos you saw from WWII after they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“There is very little that’s undamaged. There are big thick wooden utility polls snapped like twigs. There are 40ft shipping containers that have rolled over people’s houses or blown up into the air and hit people’s houses.

“There are some houses where you can just see the foundation and nothing else. There are other houses that just look like matchsticks broken up into pieces.

Destruction caused by Irma on the British Virgin Islands

Image: Devastation left behind on the British Virgin Islands

“It’s the scene out of a horror film or one of those silly action movies that you see at the cinema but don’t expect to see in real life.

“There was one fatality but when you see what’s left you can’t understand how only one person died. I don’t know how more people didn’t die.”

Irma is being followed by category four hurricane Jose, which is also expected to affect the Bahamas and Bermuda.

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