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Hurricane Irma may now be weakening, but the former category five storm has left a clear trail of death and devastation in her wake.

Dozens of people have been killed after Irma raged westward from Antigua to Cuba, destroying several small islands.

Homes were flattened, trees uprooted and power supplies cut, causing what is expected to amount to billions of pounds of damage.

St Martin is left devastated

Image: France has sent hundreds of troops and emergency workers to St Martin

On the islands of St Martin and St Barts, where smashed cars and boats were piled up in the streets, at least 10 people have lost their lives.

Ten people in Cuba were also killed by Irma, the country’s government has confirmed.

Up to 90% of the island of Barbuda has been destroyed, causing hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage and leaving it “barely habitable”.

Waves of up to 11m batter Havana

Image: Waves of up to 11m (36ft) have battered Havana

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) also suffered extensive damage, with billionaire Richard Branson sitting out what he called the “storm of the century” in his wine cellar on Necker Island.

Sharing images of the damage across the islands, he is now helping mobilise recovery efforts on the ground for the thousands of island residents affected by the storm.

His son, actor Sam Branson, has also been helping with aid relief, calling the situation “dire” and urging BVI residents to remain strong in the face of civil unrest following Irma’s devastation.

On Tortola, the main BVI, yachts were piled on top of each other in the harbour and many houses in the hillside capital of Road Town were badly damaged.

British-Canadian DJ Laura Elliott, who was away from the island when the storm hit, says her fiance and two young children are currently “engulfed by collapsed jungle” on the island, where they have lived for two years.

With food and supplies for just five days, she is currently battling to try to get her family evacuated to safety.

A man walks through a flooded Havana street with his children

Image: A man walks through a flooded Havana street with his children

Raging onwards from the Leeward Islands, Irma grazed Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti before hitting Cuba at full category five force.

Three were killed by the storm in Puerto Rico, leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity and prompting President Trump to issue a disaster declaration.

Parts of Cuba’s capital, Havana, have been left waist-deep in water after 11m (36ft) waves pummeled the north coast.

A neighbourhood in Havana is left in ruins after Irma's 130mph winds

Image: A neighbourhood in Havana is left in ruins after Irma’s 130mph winds

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has pledged to be there “in the long term” for British people whose Caribbean homes were ripped apart by the storm.

Following criticism that the UK has been slow to help nationals trapped in the storm’s aftermath, he said there had been an “unprecedented” relief effort from the Government.

The Government has also said it will match public donations to the Red Cross, in addition to the £32m set aside following the disaster.

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