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A Chinese man has been rescued after getting into difficulties while attempting to travel from California to Asia in an ocean rowboat.

Ruihn Yu was rescued on Tuesday around 35 miles northeast of the island of Maui in Hawaii by the US Coast Guard.

The 32-year-old reportedly left California five months ago on 9 June and was heading for China and Taiwan on his way to Australia.

But his 18-foot vessel developed communication failures and a damaged rudder part way through the journey.

Mr Yu managed to send a text message to a friend on a two-way satellite communication device.

The rowboat is now waiting for new parts in Maui

Image: Mr Yu is now waiting for new parts to repair his boat

The Coast Guard sent an aeroplane to the scene, where the crew managed to establish communication with Mr Yu by dropping a VHF radio to him.

He told them his concerns but said he was in no immediate danger.

The Coast Guard Cutter Oliver Berry was sent from Honolulu to rescue the rowboat, which was then towed back to Maui.

“It’s always a good feeling to save someone at sea, and yesterday was no different,” said the ship’s executive officer Peter Driscoll.

“This was Oliver Berry’s first significant search and rescue case and we’re pleased to have had a positive impact.”

Mr Yu is staying in Maui until new boat parts and a radio beacon are delivered and he can repair his bright green boat.

He then intends to continue with his journey to his final destination of Australia, according to Coast Guard spokeswoman Tara Molle.

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