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Rhinos at a zoo in Australia have been trained to come when called by keepers so that they can move to higher ground in the event of a flood.

In a video posted to Facebook, four rhinos at Werribee Open Range Zoo, near Melbourne, are seen galloping after a vehicle after being called.

While three slow to a walk, one of them keeps going for more than 40 seconds and closes to within a few feet of the vehicle at one point before slowing to a jog.

The rhinos in Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne have been trained to come when called to move them to higher ground if a nearby river floods. Pic: Zoos Victoria Video: Trained rhinos come when called!

Zookeepers were concerned the nearby Werribee River would flood over the weekend after heavy rainfall was forecast, meaning the animals could be at risk.

The zoo said: “For the many people asking, we simply have to call them and they come running. The rhinos LOVE the wet weather and once they start running, they don’t want to stop, so this was like a fun game of chase for them!”

“While the worst of the weekend’s weather didn’t hit Werribee Open Range Zoo, that doesn’t mean we weren’t prepared for it!

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“The rhinos were taken through their paces last week as keepers trained them to move to higher ground in case the Werribee River flooded,” it added.

“Luckily we didn’t need to move them in the end but it was great to see their enthusiasm for heading up hill!”

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